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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: May 28, 2005

Real name: Kenzie

- Canada
State/Province: Fredericton,N.B

Status: Single
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Sexuality: Straight

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About me:
Sarcastic,blunt,to the point,funny and easygoing.I love to spend time with my friends .I like to do artsy things...painting,sculping,sketching,etc.I spend a lot of time reading,and writing letters and emails to friends.I love to cook,especially for other people.Apparently I'm pretty good at it =) In my downtime I enjoy playing with my three cats and spending time with family.Always up for a fun time,and will try anything at least once.

Turn ons:
Guys with shaved heads,pretty lips,nice hands,soft skin,just-out-of-the-shower scent,guys cologne,free spirits,sense of humour,compassion,intelligence,kindness towards others.

Turn offs:
Arrogant pricks,guys who do drugs,excessive drinking,stupidness,lack of common sense,broken plans,liars,cheaters,guys who are money hungry,cruelty to animals or other people,guys who highlite their hair,go to tanning beds,get manicures, etc etc.I like my men to be men,not this metrosexual bs.

Hanging out with friends,late night jaunts for a much needed snack-o,cooking,some gardening,playing with my cats,swimming,hanging at the beach or lake,road trips,long drives,chatting on the phone,shopping,reading,writing, or just generally finding something creative to do.

I admire:
My Mommy. ~Ramona Lee~ Nov.12,1955-July.7,2004 If I turn out to be half the person she was,that will be good enough for me.

Favorite movies:
Dazed & Confused,Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas,Queen of the Damned,Trainspotting,American history X,Good Will Hunting,Basketball Diaries,Requiem for a Dream,Girl Interrupted,A clockwork orange,Encino Man,Full Metal Jacket,As good as it gets,The monster's ball,Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Favorite TV shows:
Sex & the City,The L word,Intervention,Queer as Folk,The Trailer Park Boys,Old 90210 reruns,Friends reruns,Seinfeld reruns,CNN.

Best feature:
My mind.

Just ears.

Nope but I have one in mind.

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