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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: Nov 03, 2004

Real name: Lynn

- United States
State/Province: OK

Status: Single
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Sexuality: Gay

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About me:
I'm jus an open-minded, open-hearted girl. My job is within the government and I only have a little less than a year left. Afterwhich, I will be goin' to college for massage therapy.

Turn ons:
Sarcasm, eyez, poetry *at times*, women that intigue me, and intelligence...I'm sure there's more, but I choose not to disclose it at this time....

Turn offs:
Not too many things get on my nerves or are turn offs persay, but if you are closed-minded, I've probably nothing to say to you. For everything that is not a turn-off and I did not list in my turn ons, I lean more toward an indifference.

When I am able to find the time and inspiration, I write what I feel. When an image unvails itself, I will draw it to my best ability. When I feel vocally inclined, I sing my heart out or sit quietly and listen to a great song. When I feel silence is my only ally, I read a novel or lay down and let my thoughts run wild. When my rage consumes me, on rare occasions, I'll get out my boxing gloves....

Favorite movies:
*Ahem* Well... to keep it simple, my movie "favs" change from week to week...I have a select few that will remain on the list, but I'll jus leave it at that.

Best feature:
Hmmm...best...feature...what do you think?

2 lobe and 2 cartlidge on each ear, and my tounge

I've got 5 and counting... I realize not everyone agrees with tattoos, but they hold my attention, especially when 3/5 are my own artwork.

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