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The Daily Wanker Review"
1:46am, Apr 26th 2007
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That's it! ... The dumb-asses have driven Me to it! I have decided to make a daily to semi-daily blog post series called "The Daily Wanker Review". This series will be an on going series announcing those turdlets that win the "Wanker of the Day" Award. Below is the actual transcript (with typos corrected). For discretionary reasons I have decided to change the "Wanker-du-Jour's" screen name to be simply "him". By no means was he the only one who competed for this title today, just the one who really seems to believe more than the rest that he's so smarter that he's going to pull his shit (as well as pullink his pathetic little dink ...Yes, "dink" not "dick", a "dink" is kind of like a "dick" only it is so miniscule that it is hard to see with the naked eye. You should be most thankful that it is too small to see, because under a micro-scope one would be able to be quite disturbed and somewhat damaged by just how grotesque and pathetic such a pustule is. After one experiences such a freakish mutation their retinas burn and they suddenly have a tremendous difficulty seeing for a undetermined amount of time.) So anyways...As I was saying... Such f@#k-tards are walking proof of "God's juvenile, annoying , sick and twisted sense of humor. They are doubly fucked by the "Great Sadist in the Sky" in that he blessed him with the misguided notion that every one else is not anywhere near as intelligent as they themselves are. They seek to get their pathetic kicks by wasting the time of the rest of us. They try to get us to run around chasing our tails, and holding our breath while trying to keep them close by lest someone else who is more attentive to them take their favor over us. Such ignorant imbeciles want nothing more than to watch us act like a puppy rolling over and walking on their hind legs in a very undignified manner in order to be beneficiary of some bounty. They expect we will do so to make sure that the old "ship that has come in" for us doesn't leave the port with someone other than ourselves on board in our place. WITHOUT ANY FURTHER ADO... THE VERY FIRST "DAILY WANKER REVIEW" "him:" Hi again Dear Mistress goddess Genevieve. mistressgenevieve2000: Who is this? "him:" You .. are Busy Please? mistressgenevieve2000: yes "him:" glenn "him:" ok, sorry mistressgenevieve2000: do know you? "him:" i edited for You Before "him:" Yes mistressgenevieve2000: how? "him:" Your Letters, Posts, etc.. mistressgenevieve2000: that would be you knowing My posts, not us knowing each other "him:" i've stayed up with You a lot... very closely.. i've been very fond of You.. i'm about to become a widower any day... and have Multiple Myeloma cancer myself.. i am looking at my will, Life Insurance, etc.. many things mistressgenevieve2000: not good "him:" tell me "him:" such is Life "him:" i want my Life Insurance and Will to Benefit Someone Significantly.. mistressgenevieve2000: And are you implying or just sharing? "him:" But also . Please.. i want my Daughter to be Looked After and Given a Head Start and Jump in Life "him:" Both mistressgenevieve2000: There are a lot of people money benefits, and well you should want to provide for the life you created "him:" i will be a widower in days or weeks at most. "him:" for Real. mistressgenevieve2000: that's not fun "him:" tell me mistressgenevieve2000: at least you have time to prepare "him:" i have Multiple Myeloma cancer myself... is fatal "him:" too mistressgenevieve2000: so you had said "him:" TY, yes "him:" so.. "him:" it will be down to You "him:" and my Daughter mistressgenevieve2000: okay, and of course your daughter "him:" yes please "him:" If this becomes Real.. between You and i.. You have First and Final Say? "him:" Over ALL? mistressgenevieve2000: well, that just takes a notarized will, and a daughter not upset enough to contest it "him:" i am getting additional Life Ins. thru AARP "him:" i already have 1/4 million mistressgenevieve2000: okay, "him:" You're sounding Like.. You want it all? mistressgenevieve2000: how is that? I have not said anything "him:" and a daughter not upset enough to contest it mistressgenevieve2000: Look, I'm not up for playing some game about financial domination.. which is how it seems when you make such statements to someone who has not really said much at all "him:" is not like that "him:" i do understand "him:" i dislike financial domination a lot mistressgenevieve2000: then do what you have to do, its what you said you want to do and outside of that it really has nothing to do with me till it has actually happened. Up till then i am not legally responsible, or even able to really have any say in such things BY LAW "him:" actually i detest it "him:" Yes me too "him:" still reading... "him:" smiles... mistressgenevieve2000: me too what? "him:" wait please.. "him:" i don't want a misunderstanding mistressgenevieve2000: well it seems there already is one because you seem to be having half of this conversation with yourself "him:" Can i ask a question and You answer if You Like? mistressgenevieve2000: it seems that is already happening "him:" Only if it's ok and what You want too? mistressgenevieve2000: like you could make Me do so otherwise "him:" Not following.. "him:" i couldn't "him:" \You could mistressgenevieve2000: I said you don't have the ability to make me answer any ways, cut the shit, talk already "him:" i'd like to submit to You "him:" yes "him:" am "him:" ^ mistressgenevieve2000: no, you are double talking, that's what the present banter is... it reads like a poorly written script "him:" i DO want a Mistress i can talk to some each week though.. "him:" no "him:" i differ mistressgenevieve2000: then do so, but you are sitting here taking up my time not getting to the point. "him:" Ok. i'll paste what i Just wrote so You KNOW It's Very Important to me Please... "him:" GGRy!: i DO want a Mistress i can talk to some each week though.. "him:" TY mistressgenevieve2000: F@#KING ASK THEN. You have yet to actually ask anything "him:" i want and need to Talk A Few Time s Each Week to A Lady That Aspires to Own me... "him:" TY for saying' "him:" Thought i Had Asked mistressgenevieve2000: you aren't long for this world, you are ill so you are speaking, but you are owned by you ailment, otherwise you would be free of this battle "him:" Sometimes.. i'd like to please talk to You as bf and Gf.. about The Many Gardens, Orchards,. Land i have here, etc.. "him:" NO mistressgenevieve2000: Submissives are never permitted any type of boyfriend status! "him:" my ailment(s) are stable and in check thank GOD mistressgenevieve2000: that doesn't sound like a man looking at death like you did in the beginning of this correspondence... I hear enough bullshit on the web, produce proof and we will talk then "him:" Yes.. i'll BE A Widower in Days or weeks "him:" i am Real "him:" and Honest "him:" and Exact "him:" in ways.. i Will Miss my wife mistressgenevieve2000: Sorry if bad apples have spoiled the bunch but even if you are for real previous time wasters have made it where you will be expected to submit proof and a tribute to go any further with this conversation "him:" though she has abused me for over 12 years almost if not Daily. "him:" i understand all that.. sure, yes mistressgenevieve2000: then produce it or be blocked "him:" guys are freaking aholes and jerks "him:" and i am a Christian "him:" how? mistressgenevieve2000: blocking if you send one more thing not proving with a tribute attached "him:" want my REAL Home and Cell Phone? i AM Real. Honest. and Righteous. "him:" i don't tribute mistressgenevieve2000: that proves nothing I am blocking you have a nice rest of your life! "him:" i AM Real though "him:" Your Choice.. You Obviously WON'T be in my Life Ins. though.. lolol "him:" Ever "him:" Unless. Mistress Genevieve genevieve@msgenevieve.com http://www.msgenevieve.com http://niteflirt.com/MsGenevieve http://zazzle.com/msgenevieve http://clips4sale.com/store/4083 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mistressgenevievesslaves





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