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Men confusing Women!!
Favorite song: I'm Falling
10:06am, Mar 30th 2009
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Omg! this is for any guy that can answer this question!!!! Why the hell do you have to confuse us ladies/women so much??!!? One minute you say that you like us and the next your hooking up with some chick that probly couldn't tell you the difference between a cat and a dog!! Please, clue me in on why you say one thing then 20 seconds later do somethin totaly the opposite!!

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10:32am, Apr 28 2009
Younger guys will tell you what they think you want to hear. It may not be what they actually think or mean. However... Girls are WAY more confusing because they don't know what they want from one moment to the next. They feel more than think. They're nice while they secretly hate. I could go on for another paragraph.
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