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1 - How to I get my account "Verified"? February 20, 2008

Simply upload a "salute photo". "Salute photos" are photos with a shout-out to profile.com.

In them, you write "profile.com/yourname" on a piece of paper or a body part (like a hand) and hold it up to the camera when you take your pic.

This helps show your photo is indeed authentic and recent.
After you take your salute picture, go to [My Account], then [Photos], then [Upload new salute].

Once a legitimate salute has been uploaded and approved, your account will be marked "Verified" for all to see. It's that simple!

2 - The forums are loading slowly on my computer, why is that? April 22, 2007

Forums have 2 posting modes. Basic and Advanced.

The default is Basic which is fast.
But in advanced mode, it takes a little longer to load the forums page, as the message composer at the bottom of that page is a heavier wysiwyg html interface, that allows you to format your posts more extensively.

To check which mode you are on, scroll toward the bottom of the forum page and look just under the message composer if it says "Switch to advanced" or "Switch to Basic".

To speed things up, click on "Switch to Basic".

3 - I want people to know I'm real.. how do I do that? April 22, 2007

Get verified !

Simply upload a "salute pic". A salute pic is one where you hold a sign that says your profile.com address/URL on it.

To do so, first take a salute pic. Then, when on profile.com, simply click on the red link that says "get verified" under your preview pic anytime you are in your "my account" area. Then it will prompt you to upload the salute pic.

4 - How do I delete a pic on my profile? April 22, 2007

go to "my account", then click on "photos" in the left hand column, then click on "view your photos", and then click on the pic you want to delete, then click on "REMOVE PICTURE".

5 - How to upload more pics to my profile? January 11, 2007

Click on "My Account" tab on top menu. Then in left hand side column, click on "Photos" Then in the menu that results from that, click on "Upload new photo" and follow the instructions there.

Please note that a standard account is allowed up to 5 pics on the profile, though you may separately load more that 5 into your albums. But if you want more than 5 pics directly on your profile, you must have a gold or platinum account.

6 - What if I don't want the system to log me in automatically? January 10, 2007

Say you share a computer with someone, or you rather log in manually each time for other privacy reasons, all you have to do is uncheck the [keep me logged in] check box when you go to log in.

If you are already logged in, just log out and go back to log in, and this time uncheck the [keep me logged in] check box.

Now if your username and password appear pre-filled in, this is an issue with your browser or toolbar, not with our site.

Most browsers and toolbars offer to remember your passwords, but that has nothing to do with profile.com. It is a standard feature of your software.

The first time you logg in, Internet Explorer or Netscape or Firefox (ie your browser) by default asks u if u want it to remember ur username and pass.

If u say yes once, it is remembered forever. To change that, you need to go into ur browser settings/options, and clear all passwords.

Each browser is different and correcting this depends on the brand and version of your browser.

For example, in the most popular one, Internet Explorer, you go into [tools], [internet options], then click on the [content] tab, then click on [auto complete] then click on [clear forms] and [clear passwords] (WARNING: know that this will delete ALL passwords in memory), then, to prevent it from happening again, unclick [web addresses] and unclick [forms] and unclick [usernames and passwords on forms].

But this is beyond the scope of our support duties as it is a browser issue and not a profile.com issue. Your browser is not our software.

7 - What are Salute Photos ? December 24, 2006

"salute photos" are photos with a shout-out to profile.com.

In them, you write "profile.com/yourname" on a piece of paper or a body part (like a hand) and hold it up to the camera when you take your pic.

This helps show your photo is indeed authentic and recent.
After you take your salute picture, go to [My Account], then [Photos], then [Upload new salute].

Once a legitimate salute has been uploaded and approved, your account will be marked "Verified" for all to see. It's that simple!

8 - How do I post VIDEO to my profile, blog, or thread ? November 13, 2006

First identify the video u want to use on google video or youtube.
Then copy the video code they provide for embedding.

In youtube it is simply next to the video, in the field called "EMBED"

In google video, you click on the blue tab called "Email - Blog - Post to myspace", then click on "Embed HTML", then copy the code inside the text box that appears.

After copying the video embedding code, go back to PROFILE.com:

To ad video to your profile, use the following links:
My Account --> Account Settings --> Customize your profile --> Edit custom profile text

When you reach this screen "Edit custom profile text", if you're not already in "advanced mode", you may need to switch to it by clicking on "switch to advanced" toward the bottom left.

The click on the "view source" check box at bottom.... this brings up the html version of the profile... there you paste the google video code or youtube video code which starts with "EMBED" and then click AGAIN on "view source" check box... if you forget to click on it again, it will not work.

Then click "save" at the bottom of the page and you are done.

The same technic is used for blogs or forum topics.

9 - How do I edit/update my profile? October 25, 2006

Click on "My Account" tab on top menu. Then in left hand side column, click on "Account Settings" Then in the menu that results from that, either: Click "Edit your profile" to change the text of the existing layout, or Click "Customize your profile" to do more in-depth stuff.

10 - How do I change my username? October 16, 2006

Go to "My Account" in top menu, right side. Then click on "Account Settings" on left menu. Then click on "Change your username". Keep in mind you may loose your profile points if you do so.

11 - Who are the admins on this site? June 22, 2006

For all you site questions or admin issues, there is one easy and central point of contact for you via the username "admins"

You can find this profile at:

12 - What pictures are not accepted? June 22, 2006

There are 3 types of pictures you can upload to profile.com

First, the default category, and most often attempted in upload, is your regular profile pic... these are limited to pictures of you. If you upload pictures of your cat, your car, or anything other than yourself, they will most probably be rejected. These pictures that you want to have in your profile, but which are not of you, must be uploaded as an "album" pic.

"Album" pic is the second kind of picture. This is where you put pictures of anything other than yourself.

The third type of picture is a "salute" picture. This is where you put your URL (ie profile.com/yourname) on a piece of paper you hold up to the camera or write your URL on on your hand or arm, and take a pic with it, to show that this is really you.

Otherwise, in general, the followign pics are not allowed:
Pornographic pictures
Pictures of celebrities
Pictures with copyright or another website written on them
Pictures with your email address on them

* If you upload any of these pictures that contain the above, we may delete your account or remove the photo from the system at our discretion.

* Our staff has the sole right to determine what is or is not pornographic. We will comply with local, state and federal laws.

NOTE: Please crop your pictures as best as possible, if there is to much white space it will be rejected.

13 - Someone is harassing me! June 22, 2006

The best thing to do is put this person on your "IGNORE" list. This will prevent them from sending you messages.

You can also put yourself on "ghost" mode if you don't want people seeing you are online.

Finally, you can contact an admin and send them a message.

14 - I love this site. How can I help you guys out? June 22, 2006

Well, we love you too... load our banners, click on our banners, support our advertisers, tell your friends, and visit often.

15 - I have a fabulous business and I would like to promote it on your site. Is this possible? June 22, 2006

Sure, we will take your money. Contact us and we will discuss our rate card for banner ads and sponsorship opportunities.

16 - How do I get my picture on my computer, not to mention your site? June 22, 2006

There are many ways to get a picture on your computer. Often, photo developers can email your roll of film, process digitally, for a small fee. You can use scanners at retailers like Kinkos and Ritz Camera for a reasonable price. Also, you can try making friends with someone who has a scanner and just use theirs.

17 - I am voted a 1. Is that good or bad? June 22, 2006

Very bad. Well, unless everyone on the site misunderstood. Our voting scheme is 1 is the worst, 10 is the best. But remember, don't take any of the ratings too seriously. There are people out there voting to pull everyone down no matter who you are.

18 - I spotted what I believe to be a fake or duplicate account. What do I do? June 22, 2006

Please send us email notifying us of the suspicious account.

19 - How can I contact someone who's picture I see on this site? June 22, 2006

You can click the "Instant message" button underneath any picture you see to send a message to the person. They will be able to view your message next time they log into this site.

20 - I uploaded my picture, why wasn't it approved? May 18, 2006

 - picture uploaded must be of you (with the exception of album pictures)
 - picture must be in .jpg or .jpeg format
 - picture must not contain the following:
             - anyone under the age of 16
             - nudity
             - fake picture (not you)
 - random pictures of body parts/tattoos may also be rejected, those pictures are best suited for your albums :)

21 - Why won't my picture show up? January 23, 2006

All pictures uploaded to the site must be approved by an administrator before they will be displayed anywhere public on Profile.com

22 - How do I add an image to my posts? January 22, 2006

Depending on your browser you should see a icon that looks like this () . Click on this icon and select the picture you want to add using the browse button. The picture should be in either GIF or JPEG format.

If you do not see that icon, your browser dosen't support it.

23 - What is Profile Cash? January 22, 2006

Profile Cash* is the currency used on Profile.com! You can use Profile Cash to do different actions throughout the site. You collect Profile Cash by participating on the site and referring people.

Referring new members will get you the most bucks!

You can collect Profile cash in a number of different ways!

Interacting on the site Post in the forums, send instant messages etc.

Entering contests and completing surveys Completing a few quick surveys can get your some fast cash!

Winning Forum Contests We regularly hold contests on our forums and give away thousands!

Buy them (Coming Soon!) Don't want the hassle? Just buy them!

Your Profile Cash can be used to do an assortment of things.

Upgrade your membership Get a free Platinum membership

Buy members Love You can give out tons of things ranging from kisses to a kick in the face!

Get your profile to the Homepage (Coming Soon!) When you're rich you can do anything!

Trade them You can trade them with other members on the site.

In addition, you will soon be able to redeem points for T-shirts and other profile gear and accessories, including your own profile.com business cards with your own URL.

Keep checking back to see the latest developments!

For more info, go here: http://www.profile.com/profilebucks.htm

* NOTE: profile bucks are not real cash

24 - Why did I not get credit for one of the surveys I did? January 22, 2006

Well there could be a few reasons why.
- You did not meet the requirements for the survey
- You didn't complete the entire survey
- Entering false information

Please keep in mind, these surveys are provided by third party providers.
The only way we know you've completed a survey is if the survey's web site reports back to us. If they don't, we have no way of telling. We apologize for this but it's not in our hands.

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