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erick Send Instant Message

I have a huge heart and I love to see people smile!!! Life is good and too short to live in loneliness I love good food, whether dining out or cooking at home I'm a pretty easy going person. I love to be shown affection and don't have any problem wha...
x4channgez2 Send Instant Message

I really don't know what to put here
bisordi Send Instant Message

I am the oldest of 4 kids. I am a romantic at heart and I love poetry. My favorite time of day is when the sun sets. Reading books is not my thing although lately I have been trying to get into it more. I enjoy shopping, snowboarding, scrapbooking, w...
bruno5600 Send Instant Message

Im the right guy in the right place
komo4u Send Instant Message

I am a good looking and sincere girl that is caring and kind, I love reading and making friends.I also have every features that you will need from a woman
aure575 Send Instant Message

If you want to find anywhere friendship, sweetness and joy, just remember that, these are... your own qualities...
rebeca4u Send Instant Message

I am down to earth kind of person with open mind, caring,loving and outgoing. I have good sense of humor, intelligent,understanding,humble,hardworking and passionate. I am romantic, affectionate, i like cooking, singing,walking holding hands. I am d...
mssonya Send Instant Message

I am outgoing , outspoken when need be , very considered of others , love to speak and very nice ,,,
fairexchange Send Instant Message

I'll come back to this one!
mehra.chetan Send Instant Message
New Delhi

i am so cool $ decent boy
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