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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: May 31, 2004

Real name: April

- United States
State/Province: Georgia

Status: Single
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight

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About me:
6'0 tall, dyed hair,big mouth;) lol jk...... These pictures are ancient... probably since March 04 maybe may 04 I cant remember exactly. I was born in Macon Ga and raised half my life in Warner Robins Ga then shoved into the hell hole of FL....oh well...it grows on ya! Well, I listen to a variety of music. I love any and all Kenny Chesney....hes really hot. Oh yeah and I love Vampires, Faeries, Likens, Dragons, anything fantasy...yes I believe in ghosts, faeries, vampires, likens, and at some point there were dragons on this earth....so yeah take that where you wish but i am a really funny person and I give off alot of positive energy oh and i love bullriding oops left that out :x hehe!!!

Turn ons:
Soft kisses, tall guys, crazy hair, that short hair on the back of a guys head! oh I know its weird but I love to play with it. hehe, vampires(note the movie interview with the vampire? BRAD PITT! was he not hot?) rawr, cuddles in the dark on the couch watching a movie with that someone, laying on the ground and watching the stars like time is frozen, street racing, strong hands,tattoos, piercings, and a bunch of other stuff...just im me and ask lol

Turn offs:
Annoying people who think they are better than you because they are blond or they are skinny as hell and barf after every meal lol jk, people who think they know you because they see your picture, guys who treat their women badly, guys who are very very obnoxious! grrrr, oh and people who dont like vampires, likens, faeries, wicca, etc. there is such a list im me for more lol

photography,Pro Bull riding(i don't do it but I watch it like grown men watch football, shit I watch football too!), football, vampires, volleyball, faerie magik(I study it on the net and what not its quite interesting), animals, drawing, ceramics, and alot of other stuff.......you gotta ask for more that will take entirely too long! lol

I admire:

Favorite movies:
Pearl Harbor, Saving Private Ryan, The Good Fellas, Jackass,Mrs. Doubtfire, The Mask, XXX, 2Fast2Furious, Fast N the Furious, Shrek, any Adam Sandler movies! Now and then, nine months, and Forrest Gump!, Underworld, Torque, SWAT, Catch That Kid, Anger Management, Gothika,Uptown girls, School of rock(stupid as hell but so funny), good boy!(its about alien dogs!), the list goes on and on and on!

Favorite TV shows:
Fear factor, Reality TV rules!, Real World: San Diego, Jackass, Wild Boyz, Viva La Bam, Simpsons, Friends (RIP), Surprise by Design, In a Fix, Angel, Sunday Night Sex Show, While you were Out, Nip Tuck, Big Brother, The 4400, Sliders, Roswell, The Shield, and alot of other shows lol

Best feature:
Eyes and legs and all the guys keep sayin my lips so i guess my lips too then

yeah! Labret baby! I also have 3 in each ear and in case you are wondering what a labret is its the middle of the lower lip yep yep! i should have pix soon..............

Not yet i'm gettin inked soon tho...tat on my right shoulder of a faerie, not sure about any others.....

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