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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: Jul 10, 2004

Real name: Adam

- United States
State/Province: Minnesota

Status: Single
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Sexuality: Straight

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About me:
Well i'm a pretty laid back individual that gets along with most people i come across. I like making everyone laugh and i dont have a problem making a good joke at the right time moment. I like spending some days getting a lot done, helping my friends with something, going to school, going to work, or doing the daily chores, but i can spend other days just loungeing on my back watching the clouds go by. Life is to frantic, and everyone is so caught up in things, that some of us have to step back and just enjoy the small things. I've recently became a father, and i have really realized what i want out of life, and what i need to do, to get there. I'm not much of the party person anymore, more of the hang out with a few good friends and have drink type. i have had plenty of fun in my day, but am ready to move on from all that. I try to be athletic a little bit, and dont smoke, and try to eat right, life is so much better, when you feel better. *Treat other with respect and understanding*

Turn ons:
Unique women, and open girls, who don't care what other poeple think.

Turn offs:
um, snobby girls, ones that bitch about other girls in the sence that they're are going to go beat them up, or crap like that. spreading rummors, and not respecting people for being who they are.

cars, rollerblading, pool, darts, baseball

Favorite movies:
Finding Nemo, Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Vanishing point, Mr Jelousy, Indina Jones, Jackie Chan, Goofy movie, Clue, American Beauty, Punch Drunk Love, Blues Brothers, The Beach, Big Fish, Waking life, Motorcycle diary's, Royal Tenenbaums, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Sin City, Lord of the Rings, In The Bedroom, Shop Girl, Kill Bill,

Best feature:
my eyes, and my smile :)


i would like some, but never know what to get

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