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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: Sep 05, 2004

Real name: Ashley

- United States
State/Province: Pennsylvania

Status: Dating
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight

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About me:
I'm Ashley. I'm eighteen, addicted to striped socks, super-nintendo, eBay, and fashion. Dior sunglasses make me sweat. I love my kitty-cat, Mr. Bojangels. He's badass, like moi. Interests copied from my ElJay: asians, black eyeliner, chocolate, coca-cola classic, dickies, donnie darko, edward scissorhands, emo glasses, emogame.com, guys in tight pants, guitar, grunge, garage, grindcore, horror, i love the 80's, html, kisses, long hair, love, making out, mario brothers, metalcore, nintendo, nyc fashion, photography, photoshop, piercings, poetry, retro, screamo, scenesters, stars, straight edge, stripes, tattoos, telekinesis, the scene, thrash, thrift stores, tight asses, vegetarianism, vintage, violence, web design, blahblahblah...

Turn ons:
Hair in eyes, shoulderrrrs, sexy BELTS, nice smile, guys with their own opinions, dickies (the pants, perv), piercings & sleeves, poets, musicians, boys who aren't afraid to paint their nails pink, hats, boys that cry, guys in girlie pants, tight vintage teeshirts, skinny/nerdy boys, emo glasses, happy trails, art majors, cookies, tom delonge's voice, gay boys <333, green eyes, pretty-boys, saying bad words, and last but not least... Justinnnnn.

Turn offs:
Vin diesel-type hard bodies. Most football players. Beer. Hardline. Poor hygeine. Pick up lines. Unoriginal talentless assholes. Being politically correct all the time... lame. Bald heads. "Agreeable" people--get your own opinion. Street racing. Guys who bore me with cold air intakes, carburetors, NOS, and engine mods, fuck fast and the furious. Buying me a single rose... it isn't "cute", it's "cheap". Steak, porkchops, ribs, wings, sushi... meat is gross. Kegs. The phrase "holla back".

Web Design. Yes that is all, no I am not kidding. Site: http://pink-pistol.net

I admire:
Umm. Marilyn Monroe? She's the original "hot", stfu.

Favorite movies:
Trainspotting, Donnie Darko, Pink Flamingos, Freddy Got Fingered, Alice in Wonderland, and most zombie films, excluding resident evil. Fuck that shit.

Favorite TV shows:
How about bands instead? Every Time I Die, Alexisonfire, Thursday, Eighteen Visions, Atreyu, Evergreen Terrace, Walls of Jericho, Forstella Ford, Hopesfall, It Dies Today, SkyCameFalling, Nora, Glassjaw, Bleeding Through, Dead To Fall, Thrice, Hopesfall, Curl Up And Die, Avenged Sevenfold, Blood Brothers <3, Postal Service, Me Without You, Fear Before The March of Flames, As I Lay Dying, Darkest Hour, Kite Flying Society, Devo, Standstill (the one from spain, you fuckers), MeWithoutYou, Suicide Note, Thirteen Over Eight, Cave In, Nodes Of Ranvier, Throwdown, Most Precious Blood, Saetia, Saosin, Planes Mistaken For Stars... etc etc. Oh and...COHEED ISN'T COOL. You know you hate them. You only listen because that's the "scene" thing to do. Fags.

Best feature:
Maybe... my eyes... or my lips. Or my style. Yeah, my style.

Eyebrow, bottom lip (center), medusa (top lip, under nose), 8 gauge ears.

Not yet.

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