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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: Sep 04, 2004

Real name: Dani

- United States
State/Province: Maine

Status: Dating
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Sexuality: Straight

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About me:
Dani. 21. Single. Virgin. 1 tattoo. 5 Piercings. Witty, funny, sassy, tease, shy, annoyed, responsible, pleasureable, trust, respect, sarcastic, alert, graceful, beautiful, hostile, friendly, companion, erotic, bitchy, grumpy, happy, moody, opposite, approval, wanted, natural, naughty, disobedient, open minded, ponder, notice, overt, original, follower, leader, inspiration, hated, loved, loathed, natural, true, truthful, fasionable, wrong, evil, manners, encouraging, helpful, noisey, bold, daring, forward, brave, adventerous, unafraid, shy, afraid, blunt, curvy, strength, character, personality, cherish, charmful, clean, artful, artistic, confuse, quarrel, flaunt, dorky, silly, fun, useful, effort, elegant, tasteful, sparkle, cautious, hostile, kind, obscure, bright, shameless, shifty, crafty, tricky, taunt, hostile, sheer, encourage, sympathsize, sweet, tender, sensitive, gentle, loving, thankful, smooth, tough, strong, troublesome, snappish, snappy, certain, healthy, desirable, educated, ambitious, intelligant, faithful, misunderstood, civil, crave, understandable, ramble, wise, pleasantry, lust, forbidden, girly, eagerness, silent, indifel, simple, and mellow...you get my drift.

Turn ons:
<3.Michael.<3 When you grow old, your looks fade--even totally go away, but an amazing personality will be loved for an eternity. DORKS!!!!!! Total absolute sweetheart. Being both a bestfriend gf/bf. Treats me with the love kindness, respect that I bestow upon them, Loves kids, Loyalty, Romance, Cuddling, Kissing passionately, Honesty, Intelligence, Cute things: holding hands, Respects themself, Meaning, Truth, Nice eyes, Atleast some values morals, Can have fun no matter what, Being inshape, Cuteness, Style, Cute butts, Nice smile, spikey hair, nice cars, loud bass, honda's, cars, loves to dance, and loves to go clubbin. Kisses on the forhead. DORKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Turn offs:
Liars. Druggies. Smokers. long hair. b/o. Heartbreakers. Players. Immaturity. Bitches. Not being upfront. Meanies. Huge flirts when have bf/g/f. Thinking ur all that when ur not. Someone who literally wants sex 24-7. Trying to be someone ur not. Conceited ppl. Someone who does not take care of themself. Relationships are 50-50 thinking it's ok for u to do something and not ur significant other. Never admitting ur wrong when you are or saying you are sorry. Making it seem like someone else is wrong when they are not. Guys that are shorter than me!

Ride around, hang out with my friends, talkin on the phone, long walks, hanging out with my family, being a complete dork. Like me for who i am, not what I look like and we will do fine!

I admire:
<3Paul<3 My mom. My Grandmother <3 RIP

Favorite movies:
OH yay!!! Bring it On, Bring It on Again, The Faculty, Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, 8 Seconds, Three Musketeers, The Lion King, The Lion Kind 1 1/2, Remember the Titans, Now and Then, O, Final Destination, Final Destination 2, Out of Time, Varcity Blues, The Horse Whisperer, Harry Potter movies, Scream 1-2, All Stephan Kind Movies, ET....there is so much more....

Favorite TV shows:
Real World, CSI, Law and Order (SVU), Law and Order (CI), Law and Order, CSI: Miami, Survivor, Scooby Doo, Cold Case, The Guardian, Judging Amy, Charmed, Angel, Everwood, One Tree Hill, Jag, Third Watch, Without a Trace, Joan Of Arcadia, Reba, What I like About You, Grounded For Life, The Cosby Show, Like Family, Jag, House of Dreams, Navy NCIS...and prolly sum more.

Best feature:
Eyes and Smile

5. 2 In each ear and my nose.

1. (soon to be 2) a butterfly on right shoulder

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