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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: Sep 10, 2004

Real name: Danielle

- United States
State/Province: Illinois

Status: Dating
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Sexuality: Bisexual

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About me:
I'm a very difficult person to sum up within a mere page. I can try to my greatest ability to describe myself, but there's no guarantee I'll succeed. While I may be open-minded and opinionated, I keep to myself in a way nobody else around me seems to understand, and I'm content with that. Very few people bother to get to know me. Those who do usually give up after awhile. My truest friends are closest to knowing me, but only one person really knows me, and that's my boyfriend. I try to have a positive outlook on the world, and despite having gone through times of despair and heartbreak, am by no means a jaded person. I get depressed like everyone else, but I have a great sense of hope within me, and great faith in God. I'm a Christian, and an open-minded one at that. A weakness of mine is the unyielding desire for knowledge. I do, and always have, love to learn new things. Hence my love of reading and literature. I particularly favor art and create it myself in many forms. I play the piano fluently, as well as the guitar, and have the utmost respect for other musicians and those who appreciate it. You could also say I'm somewhat of a geek. Anime, console games, PC games, sci-fi and fantasy novels of all sorts, you name it, chances are I've seen, played, or read it, OR have the desire to see, play, or read it.

Turn ons:
Compassionate people. Ethical, moralistic people. Heartwarming smiles. Geeks, intellectuals, poets, and the like. Someone who I can hold an interesting conversation with, and who'll leave me intrigued. Someone who holds the same ideals I do, or at least debates very well when opinions differ. I love a good debate, as long as it's respectful and intelligent. Oh, and talk nerdy to me.

Turn offs:
Ignorance and its cousin, stupidity. Intense cursing. Lack of manners. Smoking. Beer. Chauvaunists. (No, I'm not going to make you a sandwich.) Most blondes. People with closed minds. Humidity. Irish accents. Sorry, they greatly annoy me. Men who think they're God's gift to women.

Favorite TV shows:
TV sucks, except for Adult Swim. I'll stick with my DVDs.

Best feature:
Physical - Lips. Non-Physical - Creativity and musical intellect.

Jah, two on each ear. Never getting the bellybutton or anything else done though. Not for me.

Hell no. Tattoos are incredibly outdated. In fact, it'd be unique for someone NOT to have one. P.S. If I like your profile, I'm going to add you. That's probably a cue that I'd like to talk to you.

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