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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: Dec 27, 2004

Real name: Rhea

- United States
State/Province: Oklahoma

Status: Dating
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Sexuality: Undecided

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About me:
Humn... okay, I'm a pretty average person, but very far from normal. Make much sence?

Turn ons:
First and foremost, my turn on are not neccessary for me to be attracted to someone. The only neccessary thing is that you dont have any of the turn offs. haha. I do really tend to like long hair on guys though.. and trenchcoats. Asians are hawt, if you are into the goth thing, that rocks, because guys with eyeliner make me melt. oh, and while I'm at it, back massages make me melt too, and help immensely. (lots of back pain... :p ) hehe.

Turn offs:
#1 lack of intelligence. Attractiveness is only good for first impressions, which I dont give much weight anyways. As said, I love a good conversation... #2 certain immoral practices in the past. I'm sorry, but I have alot of inhibitions about people that have cheated, lied, or had purposeful cruelty in the past. #3 ... honestly?... odd smells. I've very sensitive olfactory perceptions. Its not that I'll think something stinks, but I've run across a few people with either poor hygeine or they just had a personal scent or wore a perfume I really didnt like. Thats not something I 'get over' very easily. O_o

Video games, computer games. I collect dragons, swords and daggers. Hanging out with friends, parties... etc. I like some sports too, but dont often get to practice such anymore.

Favorite movies:
Any of Michelle Yeoh's movies. also Labyrinth, LadyHawke, Dark Crystal, etc etc... stuff like those and many more besides.

Favorite TV shows:
I hardly ever watch TV anymore. I like animes though...

Best feature:
uh... I'd have to say the one I'm most proud of really are more character kind of things.

yeah. 6 of em for now.... :p

not yet. :( Have a few in planning though.

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