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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: Mar 16, 2007

Real name: U don't need to kno

- United States
State/Province: Texas

Status: Dating
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight

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About me:
I am offically 16 every since July 22, 2008!! :D, about 5'2 or 5'3 and weigh 111lbs. I have 2 sisters, Im the middle child. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes and Im lighskinned. If there is anything else u wanna kno just IM me and I will answer u asap.

Turn ons:
I like a romantic and funny guy. I like a guy who isn't afraid to stand up for themselves. I luv a boy wit a accent. I luv lightskined boys and some dark guys.

Turn offs:
I don't like smokers, drunks, messy and straight up stupid people. I don't like people who don't know when to shut up and I don't like people yelling at me telling me what to do and sho don't like people that talk alot of smack in front and behind my back and then won't even do anything.

I love to talk on the phone, go shopping, hang out with friends, dancin (I luv nething dat has 2 do wit dancin), sing, go to the movies, meet new people, watch tv, and wrestling with boys.

I admire:
I admire my momma. The reason is because she is a strong woman and isn't afraid to tell you something even though you might get mad. I like that she doesn't stop working toward her goals.

Favorite movies:
Waist Deep, You Got Served, Shallow Hal, Scary Movie 1-4, All the Madea movies and plays, and many others just can't think of them at the moment.

Favorite TV shows:
America's Next Top Model, The Tyra Show, WWE Smack Down and Raw, Flava Tv, Sponge Bob Square Pants, The Rugrats,So you think you can dance, Supernanny, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader, Deal or No Deal, America's Funniest Videos, and many others

Best feature:
My best feature would be my eyes because they are slanted and they glissin and I can get my way most of the time by looking a certain way, but then again my body shape because I have a nice shape.

no, but I want to get my ears peirced just to scared cause I don't like pain

no, but i wanna get my name on my lower back with design comin out the sides of it, and Ima get a pic of tinkerbell on my hip

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