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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: Apr 24, 2004

Real name: Shylo

- United States
State/Province: PA

Status: Married
Sex: Female
Age: 35
Sexuality: Bisexual

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About me:
Well i am a loyal sweet caring person that is recently learning to live life again ...... I am a happily married chick to the most wonderful man I know...we just had a baby Oct 30th 2007... if you what to know anything else don't be afraid to ask .....

Turn ons:
someone that is truthfull, caring, loving and can tell you anything no matter what..... someone that can love you no matter what your flaws are..... someone that can love you first thing out of bed as much as they do later in the day....I like to see a guy in a hat, a guy that can smile and make you melt ...hats are sexy

Turn offs:
know it all attidudes, childish adult wannabes, dirty people, heavy people that think tight clothes are attactive men or women, back stabbers

i don't have any hobbies right now

I admire:
One of the most wonderful people in my life my husband Shawn as for living beings and God in spirit

Favorite movies:
The Crow,Shawshank Redemption,Eddie and The Curisers 1 and 2, The Green Mile, Interview With Vampire, and any women bar tenders fav movie Coyote Ugly,Butterfly Effects

Favorite TV shows:
i don't watch much TV anymore but when i do it is usually a hockey game,CSI, or friends

Best feature:
my eyes in the physical sence and mentally i like that i am can be the same person on or off the net there is never a surprise with me

11~ two in each lob, one in each helix(16 gauge), two in my lip(16 gauge), one in the belly button(14 gauge), one in my eyebrow(16 gauge), my left nipples(14 gauge), (pics in the piercing album)

2 and you can see a pics of them in my tattoo album

My photos

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