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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: Jun 15, 2004

Real name: AnGiE

- United States
State/Province: Pennsylvania

Status: Undecided
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Sexuality: Undecided

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About me:
Things you should know about me: *I'm Italian and talk with my hands *I'm a MoMMy *no not yours =/* *SiLLy AnGiE 04 <--AOL *I'm an innocent Flirt with no meaning *I usually have no meaning behind anything. *I'm only gay for Britney Spears *I make no sence *I was a skitzo but we're okay now *I enjoy watching Harry Potter *I'm obsessed with Orlando Bloom *I'm a ditz and can be slow *I have realized I'm unattractive Things not so important : *I'm 5'4" *102lbs *My fav. movie is THe Little Mermaid *I'm a lesbian on full moons haha *I Love Mad Monkey Sex - MMSC *I have short term memory loss *I don't know what I'm doing. *I dye my hair *I bite my nails *I smoke and know it's gross *I love ostriches

Turn ons:
My OO YEAZ: *OrLaNdo BLoOm *purr* *PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES! >totally orgasmic *Bunnies *Mad Monkey Sex *Italian Men

Turn offs:
I'm pretty much easy going cept for a couple things. Things that make me go grr: *Mean PPl >.< *Flat Soda *When ppl yell at me --*puppy face* *The Military --nothin personal *Haterz *Cheaterz *Stinky Feet --anything stink really =P *DownRaterz

Drawing, anime, magna, shopping. =)

I admire:
Orlando Bloom <3 lol

Favorite movies:
LiL mermaid, shrek, birdcage, finding nemo

Favorite TV shows:
sailor moon, everybody loves raymond, family guy, *cartoon network*

Best feature:
my blondiness

I fear needles but i do have my ears peirced *got them done when i was 4 lol*

maybe one day when i'm not chicken sh*t

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