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Last Online: Jul 31, 2004
Date Joined: Jun 27, 2004

Real name: coryn

- United States
State/Province: new york

Status: Single
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Sexuality: Straight

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About me:
I'm very outgoing, sincere, sensitive, down to earth, not shallow, fun loving, have a very big hearted, love to do for others,smart not your typical blond...always make the best of everything, can be very sarcastic so dont always take me serious...I love adventure always willing to take a risk as long as it wont get me into trouble.. Im not materialistic but i do like nice things so sometimes i will spoil myself but who doesn't...and always looking to have a good time.

Turn ons:
One of the most important things is if a person can make me smile and laugh. Someone who has goals and ambition. Personality is a must cause you have to put up with my sarcasim. I like somone who is eaually affectionate. Love a guy with a nice ass and chest. Umm lets see what else well theres more so ask if you want to know...

Turn offs:
I dont like cocky people, someone who thinks there gods gift. Insecurity, if your into drugs dont bother, dont like heavy drinkers.(socially is fine) well the list can go on...

dancing, working out, shopping, skiing, outdoors, hanging with my girls, beach, ect...

I admire:
hmm good question??

Favorite movies:
theres alot of them dont just have one

Favorite TV shows:
friends, fraiser, real world, road rules, mxc, and comedy central

Best feature:

belly button

lower back, ankle

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