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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: May 25, 2007

Real name: Josias

- Singapore
State/Province: Not Applicable

Status: Single
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Sexuality: Straight

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About me:
Meeting 'cactus'... An imposing figure, he stands before you as if awaiting your numerous questions. And there's something about him that strikes your attention - his eyes, they seem to stare deeply into you and seek out your innermost thoughts... So what you've heard about him is true - he's someone who looks beyond the physical appearance and into the inner character of others. You know he's not an easy person to deal with, as he observes things many people fail to notice. Yet you've also heard of his gentle spirit. You know he's an amiable person, who doesn't exactly like to get into arguments, although he can be rather persistent about his principles... So what makes him tick? What occupies most of his waking moments? Well, you've heard he has placed God as the centre of his life and tries to work towards a close relationship with God. He's the type of person who appreciates living the moment, rather than hurrying by life's busy streets. But you know he also has the time for his friends. In fact, he absolutely lives in their company and will be at a loss if they're not around... You hastily smile at him as you notice his impatience. Rather hesitant at first, but gradually in a more comfortable manner, you begin your journey towards understanding him...

Turn ons:
1. Personality is very important. Look for easy-going, easy to be with, low maintenance. 2. Confident, fun, strong - yet kind - women. 3. Takes care of herself- mentally and physically 4. Makes decisions based on what is good for her, not to please me or someone else. 5. Attractive and has style & class. 6. Is a good friend, easy-going. easy to be with. 7. Is upfront and communicates feelings/wants/needs clearly and directly.

Turn offs:
1. Doesn't take care of herself- sloppy, disorganized, etc. 2. Negativity is a big turn-off- behavior, relationships, conversation & etc. 3. Expects too much in general and doesn't give back equally. 4. selfish- stingy with money, time, friends.

Photography (one of my hobbies ,you should try it. Theres always something to snap at!) Chinese-Weiqi, Sun-tanning, and extremely long-distance jogging and parachuting! Parachuting is the most thrilling activity among all outdoor hobbies. I did my first combat commando parachuting in an airbase many years. Thereafter, I did countless of military missions and parachuted way-high up at 10,000 ft with oxygen mask. Anyway, the years in military training really made me a better man.

I admire:
I admire people who succeeded in life, but who haven't forgot about the others in trouble or less lucky than them. The people I admired are often associated with the people I love to meet. The people I love to befriend with are trustworthy, humble and polite! I am the kind of conservative guy that like to meet pleasant lady. A lady who should be “obedient” in character and a housemaker type.

Favorite movies:
When it comes to comedy's it's right now Meet the Parents, that movie is just funny! Great actors (Robert DeNiro, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson) and it might be something I might have to do in the future (meet my girlfriends parents!) Then when it comes to Mob movies it's the Godfather parts 1, 2, and 3! Why, pretty much what Rob said! And I'll add, this movie tells the life of just one person, Michael Corleone, not the lives of all the Dons. When it comes to war movies it's Band of Brothers (the entire collection). Although Saving Private Ryan is also one of the best Band of Brothers is just better, It's very realistic when it comes to WWII combat and it tells the lifes of the soldiers too, not just the battles they were . The actors were very great too! And it shows from when they were in basic training all the way to when they went to Hitler's Eagles nest. Before every chapter of the movie they have actualy veterians that the movie was based talking about whatever the chapter is about. Lastly, this movies is based on a true story and has it's own book!

Favorite TV shows:
'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'! Although it is shown at midnight I make it a point to watch it because I simple love it and I'm sure all the other Buffy fans feel the same too. I know it is not as popular as 'Charmed and Smallville' here in Singapore. I get to see my favourite star on the show too, James Marsters who plays Spike on the show..lol. Next, the t.v. channels that I am watching includes Taiwanese variety shows! Inevitably, I became humourous in character!

Best feature:
1. I like the shape of my face, it's just so .......nice. 2. I like my personality. I am sorta funny sorta quirky and can make friends or aquaintances with anybody. 3. I also like my core. 4. I guess I like myself very much. You just made my day, by making about the good things about me instead of the bad.

NO! I do not have any piercings! However, I enjoy looking at the art of body piercings. I really admire women who have female genital piercings and that took lots of couragement!

NO! I don't have any! Ergh...I hate tatoos. Singapore Arm forces do not allow tattoo on servicemen! But I do appreciate the art of tattoo creativity designs on human beings. Sometimes, I do wish my Chinese name was tattooed on my girlfriend gential/groin. I may love her even more!

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