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This profile is VERIFIED!


cactus submitted the following picture to verify his profile.

My profile is certainly genuine!

PLEASE NOTE: While we try our best here at conxtions.com to review all salute picture submissions for accuracy and validity, salute pics can sometimes be fake.

We try to screen out any salute pic that does not look real, but it is not always possible. For this reason, even if a person's profile has been validated with a salute picture, please take it with a grain of salt.

It does not guaranty the salute photo is not a fake, and even if the pic is valid, it doesn't mean this person should necessarily be trusted with private information.

Please apply your own best judgment when evaluating a person.

Never agree to provide your address or phone number or any other private or uniquely identifying information to a stranger online, no matter how charming or beautiful, until you have been able to verify them in other ways, such as asking others their opintion of this person and using an outside background check company.

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