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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: Sep 05, 2004

Real name: Angel

- United States
State/Province: Pennsylvania

Status: Single
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Sexuality: Straight

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About me:
Super high maintenance... lol... My b/f is a well-known musician & spoils the shit outta me... he calls me his H.M.G. I am 25~ black hair~ natural green eyes~124 lbs.~ 5'8~ cute smile with a huge ass dimple in my right cheek only.... (someone forgot the other one I guess) I am a mom & a model/actress.... BUSY BUSY all the time...

Turn ons:
Skinny guys in tight low~rise jeans with big-ass belt buckles & a chain wallet. long messy hair.... Long hair in general... Big boobs! (I'm getting some~ can't wait) TATOOS & PIERCINGS... HOT.

Turn offs:
Huge muscles... Boring people with no personality... Girls who are fat & sqeeze into clothes that would fit a 10yr. old. People who want to be friends with you b/c you or someone u know has lots of $$$ or are famous.

Hanging out on tour buses... Just got off tour with Thornley & Three Days Grace... Super awesome friends of mine... got to meet the dudes from Nickleback, 3 doors down, & Puddle of Mudd... "Good times" My boyfriend... LOL ... Spending lots of money... life is to short to save it... Can't take it to heaven, so why not?!

I admire:
My mother & grandmother... Both amazing woman... And can't forget too that my gram had 23 natural/single births... omg!!!!!! Woman of the century....

Favorite movies:
I NEVER have time to see a movie... it sucks... The last one I saw was Big Phish...

Favorite TV shows:
When I get to watch t.v. ~ Um... The real world... Extreme Makeover (my favorite)...Anthing on TLC. Roseanne... lol

Best feature:
my eyes...


2... on both ankles... gonna go get some more I think...

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