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Last Online: Sep 14, 2006
Date Joined: Jul 05, 2005

Real name: Lola

- United States
State/Province: kentucky

Status: Single
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Sexuality: Bisexual

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About me:
i dance like nobody is watching i dont know how to describe myself.but i can try- i am funny. i know this, i can be smart if i try but i dont apply myself often, i hardly ever give a fuck, i dont cry, i laugh. sometimes its real- sometimes its fake, i fail at things that count and achieve at things that dont really matter, i like my eyes. they remind me of my dad, i open up better to complete strangers than to people i actually talk to, if i hate you. youll know, if i like you. you wont have any idea, i like knowing i am wanted and not just needed, i am secretive. and i keep others secrets well, i dont talk unless spoken to, i dont put people in groups, i will hate you if you call me 'punk' or 'prep' because i dont label others so you shouldnt label me, i dont sleep, im not a morning person, if you laugh ill laugh, i am unfortunately a sinner, i believe in a god but not the same one you do, i have my own personal beliefs. you wouldnt undertand them, i love meeting people for the first time but not if i have talked to them before it, i am weird but at least i know, i find myself explaining things often, i will make fun of you to your face but only cause i think it was cute, i am mature for my age. but sometimes i like to act like a stupid kid, i like to confuse people. they make funny faces, i laugh at certain words, i dont like the dark, i love fluffy sofas, i like to spice things up, sometimes im loud but mostly im quite, my friends get me most of the time, i like to wrap up in a blanket and talk to you on the phone, sometimes i sleep on the couch or floor just cause i feel like it, i write ALOT but i am scared to share them, i like to stay out all night and come home at 5 in the morning. jump on my sisters bed. wake her up. and tell her of my night, i get cold chills often, i listen to people and care about them even if i shouldnt, i put others before me. sometimes thats good. but other times its not and they begin to use me, i will respect you for everything you believe, i laugh at everything. even if its not even the slightest bit funny, i am mysterious and it will take you at least more than 16 years to figure me out. because thats how long my mom has known me but she still doesnt get me, i hate few people. but those i do it is a true hate, i love my mom she is an amazing women. but we dont agree often, i feel the need to change myself often, i hate when i have to be fake, i do things on accident and without thinking. i hate it, i like to bikker with you, i love doing crazy things, i use violent and vulgare language, i can be sweet and innocent, i am respectful to my elders, i dont like dressing up, i have a huge family but i only talk to about 20 of them, i am shy- i know this and i hate it, i love my big lips, i would much rather talk about you than me, i like it when you question me, i hate being put on the spot. i freeze, i like big crowds. but only when i blend... there is more- but i am truly undescribable.

Turn ons:
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo oxLIKESxo talking on the phone ALL night! watching people do things road trips screaming and laughing staying awake ALL night, and sleeping ALL day. listening to music stupid things the word fuck- it has so many diff meanings. making a fool of myslef cuddling kissing in the rain dancing a dark cloud on a bright day writing my sister & brother watching movie the word 'moan' and 'spatchula' tattos & peircings being a child passing out talking about sex :/ hah listening going to shows yelling for no reason at all poka-dots and stripes make-up unplanned things/ suprises my current friends and making new ones being confused

Turn offs:
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo oxDIS-LIKESxo akward silence this one boy i know my memory those people who make-out during a movie instead of actually watching it! hehe at this moment.. you being hated caring feet..ew this one girl i know feeling lost empty cans liars..and me for sometimes being one being shy being outgoing clowns scare me!

um. going to shows [you might not think so by my pictures] but i love to mosh, and i love band shirts [this really has nothing to do with hobbies hah] bands give me shirts, cause im a groupie =P and they. wow i really love sex too. i guess thats a hobbie right?

I admire:
i dont know.

Favorite movies:
*the goonies *the lost boys *pretty much any scary movie

Favorite TV shows:
*lost *scare tactics *the x-files *laguna beach *the oc *the price is right =P *i love the 80's...alot more that i cant think of

Best feature:
my eyes?

my ears, my belly button, my lip [which is new]

yes a skull and cross bones on my thumb and a star on my wrist

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