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Last Online: Apr 21, 2020
Date Joined: Sep 01, 2004

Real name: Alyssa

- United States
State/Province: Indiana

Status: Dating
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Sexuality: Select

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About me:
Im an awesome chick. Shit if your real with me, then Im real with you!. You treat me with respect, then I will treat you with respect too. I dont like to be fucked around with, so if you know whats better.. dont fuck me around, cause I wont fuck you around don't honestly give a fuck what you say about me or think about me unless you are a true friend. You know who you are. I hate most people in this world, don't be surprised if it's you. The unintelligent would call me bitter, the astute individual would call me simply observant.:D When you read my profile and it doesn't "tickle" your fancy, proceed on and click the X. Thanks. MSN Itsn0ne0fyourbusiness@hotmail.com If you leave a comment, and its nothing pathetic, and if you stop by, I'll drop you a 10. thats if i notice you. cause I dont go on this much, remember? September 7th, I start my program for becoming a Nurse, and its 12 weeks long, and I start my job at my resturant that will be opening up at the end of September, and if your lucky enough, I'll let you in on it, and yes I'll be the waitress there ;) whaooo.. I agree with some of the people on my favs list. Im friends with most of em. I totally agree with this chick HazlEydItaliana< Ya shes hot, eh? but what makes her hot is, she tells it like it is. Sorry no offence, people with teams are kinda lame. Why do you need a team? Do you feel big? Do you feel like your in a gang over the p.c? Dont add me cause you want pics I hate it. my ass belongs to most of the people on my favs list. So dont hate MASTURBATE. btw, just cause ur on my friends list, doesnt mean JACKSHIT!

Turn ons:
My wife Jackie. Shes also on here as well. My friends, ppl who make me happy, ppl who make me laugh Caring, funny ppl, out going ppl. Ppl who are themselfs.Don't try and piss me off, cause that would be the worse thing you can prolly do right now! Ppl who ask me ASL,like seriously look on a profile that's why it's there.. Hailey, shes on here too. Shes one hot mother fucker. Hailey, Im gonna eat you. My faimly is moving to B.C, so I get to see you my lover, and Pam too. If your intrested in me, then leave your aim, and if Im intrested in you, and you aint no perv, then Ill hit you back! So leave your aim, if you want to talk to me, or add me to your friends list, cause I love it when people add me, makes me feel really special. If you wanna add me please let me know, and Ill return the favor. Also, dont get mad if I dont look at your profile, cause Im rarely on this. Its an automatic sign in, so it shows that Im always online, and again dont get mad if I dont look at your page, cause Im NEVER on this.

Turn offs:
Stupid assholes, etc.. Idiots that *try* to impress me, like fuck, u don't needa impress me, cause I wouldn't care neways, I am a bitch to the ppl who piss me off. Like seriously ppl who IM me and say " Yeah man we got alot in common, by the looks of it" like fuck, how can we? NO CONNECTION through a profile, nor will their ever be one! btw.. I'm 5'10 PPL WHO MESG ME AND TALK TO ME THROUGH PREMIUM ACCOUNT, I CAN'T REPLY CUZ I DON'T HAVE ONE!! People who couldn't form an original thought if I gave it to them, haha RICK,"scene girls" who try to start sh*t with us, compulsive liars...When stupid a*s Avril Lavigne tried makin out with Alaina and grabbed Tovah's a*s at Red Hot & Boom -TRU Story- Dumb broads-i hate 90% of the female population..come on now..most girls these days are fake-ass-backstabbing hoes..i got my girls andnn rick avery ... hes ugly and has the smallest *ick IN THE WORLD ... CHODE A*S MUTHER F*CKER Ok seriously, Im not here to meet anyone, Im only here to talk to ppl, and cause my friends told me to go on here. And again, there will be NO connection whats so EVER through this profile. I dont appreicate fucks like you telling a person like me how much they wanna screw me. Like dude if your lonley go get a hooker on the corner, Im sorry if I do have class, and you dont. Im not trash, so dont consider me as it. I do have someone in my life as a sexual partner, so maybe that will drill in your head as in leave me alone with your ignorant perverted comments, cause if you actually think about it, I dont reply back, I get pissed off, and delete them, and dont even to bother to look at your page. As for the people who leave there sns to me all the time, answer this. Do you leave it, cause you think Im hot? or cause you wanna get to know me? or do you acutally sit there and jerking off to my pictures. ha ya I know most of yous do.. Ladies, If you wanna IM me please do, but dont ask me for pictures, cause I HATE IT..

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