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Last Online: Oct 28, 2005
Date Joined: Sep 10, 2004

Real name: Rachael

- United States
State/Province: Oregon

Status: Single
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Sexuality: Straight

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About me:
I love ANYTHING outdoors, cooking, sports (football, baseball, soccer) snowboarding, cars, sportbikes, partying... always looking for a good time. Being spontanious is always good. I think a man should be able to hang with his buddies without a girl B****ing about it but vice versa too!

Turn ons:
I like a man who likes sports, the outdoors,partying, chillin' , . A clean cut guy(maybe a little shaggy)who knows what he wants, and I have a slight obsession with abs. I love it when a guy has a little cockyness, and isn't afraid what people are gonna think all the time. A little crazy, mixed with good looks and im set... oh... fast cars and BIG trucks are good too(but not necessary) HINT: Just Be Yourself

Turn offs:
I hate drama so don't bring it. Guys that aren't outgoing or up to simple challenges, cause let's face it... if I can do it, most men should be able to. Chewing (around me), excessive body hair, stupidity.

Snowboarding, Softball, Cooking, Drawing, Dirtbikes/quads, Sportbikes, swimming, surfing, partying.... etc etc etc

I admire:
More like people for me... my family rocks. I love them ... faults and all!!! My brothers (6) I love every single one, my mom and dad, and my grandparents! Without them I dont know where I would be...

Favorite movies:
Somewhere between Varsity Blues, XXX, DEvil's Advocate, Swordfish, etc etc etc i love movies (drama, action, scary)

Favorite TV shows:
I try to be outside as much as possible, but when i do watch TV I like Nip/Tuck, real world/road rules, football games, origonal movies, or music videos.

Best feature:
People seem to really like my smile, but i love my eyes. Kinda green with gold flecks...

Yes... tongue and navel... thinking about my nose... maybe

Yes.. I have a sun with tribal background that i designed on my lower back and there are two more coming soon to my hip and spine.

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