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- About Profile Bucks -

Profile Cash* is the currency used on! You can use Profile Cash to do different actions throughout the site. You collect Profile Cash by participating on the site and referring people.

Referring new members will get you the most bucks!

You can collect Profile cash in a number of different ways!

Interacting on the site
Post in the forums, send instant messages etc.
Entering contests and completing surveys
Completing a few quick surveys can get your some fast cash!
Winning Forum Contests
We regularly hold contests on our forums and give away thousands!
Buy them (Coming Soon!)
Don't want the hassle? Just buy them!

Your Profile Cash can be used to do an assortment of things.

Upgrade your membership
Get a free Platinum membership
Buy members Love
You can give out tons of things ranging from kisses to a kick in the face!
Get your profile to the Homepage (Coming Soon!)
When you're rich you can do anything!
Trade them
You can trade them with other members on the site.

In addition, you will soon be able to redeem points for T-shirts and other profile gear and accessories, including your own business cards with your own URL.

Keep checking back to see the latest developments!

To check for updates, bookmark this page here:

* NOTE: profile cash/bucks are not real money/cash

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